Here you can find more publications:

N. 5/1999: Dahl Robert A. “The past and the future of democracy

N. 6/1999: Cotta, Maurizio “On the relationship between party and government

N. 7/2000: Blondel, Jean “Formation, life and responsability of the european executive

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N. 10/2002: Everts, Philip; Isernia, Pierangelo “Reactions to the 9/11 2001 terrorist attack in countries outside the US

N.11/2003: Magone, Josè M. “Exporting governance: the relations of the EU with other regions of the world

N. 12/2003: Conti, Niccolò; Verzichelli, Luca “The european dimension of political discourse in Italy. A longitudinal analysis of party preferences

N. 13/2003: Andreev, Svetlozar A. “The role of institutions in the consolidation of democray in post-communist eastern Europe

No. 14/2005: Tronconi, Filippo; Verzichelli, Luca “Parliamentary elites of new european party families: unsuccessfull challenges or chaotic signs of change?

No. 15/2005: Olmastroni, Francesco “Popolarità di gabinetto al debutto di ventidue crisi internazionali britanniche. Revisione del rally ‘round the flag effect

No. 16/2005: Blondel, Jean “The links between western european parties and their supporters. The role of personalisation

No. 17/2006: Conti, Niccolò; Cotta Maurizio; Tronconi Filippo “The cartelisation of the italian party system: one step forward and one step backward

No. 18/2007: Bellucci, Paolo; Heath Oliver “The political salience of social cleavages in Italy, 1963-2006

No. 19/2007: Conti, Niccolò “The italian parties and their programmatic platforms: how alternative?

No. 20/2008: Citernesi, Stefano “Il fallimento dell’intelligence nel caso iracheno

No. 21/2009: Taylor, Charlotte “The representation of immigrants in the italian press

No. 23/2010: Garzia, Diego “Explaining the “Dishonest Vote” in italian  parliamentary elections, 2006

No. 24/2010: Costalli, Stefano; Moro, Francesco N. “The dynamics of violence in the bosnian war: a local-level quantitative analysis

No. 25/2011: Benedetto Giacomo “Reform of the EU budget: does the treaty of Lisbon make things easier?

No. 1/2023: Cotta, Maurizio “Polity: the third dimension of political life. An introductory exploration.